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At the Quintessence Collections group of companies, we have created an exciting addition to our currently established business offering.

We now offer Training and Educational workshops relating to Body and Skincare. Divided into 2 categories, we will keep on upgrading our service offering in future. Level one is beginners’ workshops into making your own Body and Skincare items at home.


Once a month, we offer a Do It Yourself Workshop specifically focussed on a certain category of product. Using semi-finished base products, we teach you to make your own Body, Bath and Skincare products. Product uniqueness is created though customisation by colour, fragrances and other additives.

All workshops are offered independently of each other. They will however be repeated in future months, so there will always be an opportunity for your to attend the desired workshops.

Product bases, as well as additives in the form of Natural Components (Oils, Extracts Etc), Synthetic Fragrance and Colours, are available for purchase from our Factory Shop – B’s Boutique - to enable you to continue your journey into making Body and Skincare.

Each workshop consists of the following:
1. An introduction into working with Colourants, Synthetic Fragrances and Essential Oils.
2. We then proceed to make between 3 and 5 products per workshop, depending on the products covered.
3. You will receive an information manual with the required info to enable you to continue your journey at home.
4. Products made are also taken home for you to enjoy.


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25 May 2019

 22 June 2019

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27 July 2019

24 August 2019
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23 November 2019  


Click here to download a printable list of upcoming workshops




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